David Alltop

Vice President of IT
Regional Pagination Director


David Alltop has worked in various positions in several different industries but he has always come back to his passion –  technology and computers – which came about more than 25 years ago while running a small business that required the application of technology to become more efficient.

Over time there was more demand for support and Alltop was given an opportunity to work as a technician with the local school system, which was rolling out computers in the classrooms and creating their first wide area networks to connect campuses.

Alltop left the school system after several years to take a position with his local newspaper and has been working the last 18 years in the newspaper industry, where he enjoys the challenges of solving problems and improving workflow.

Alltop is from Muncie, Ind. originally but lived in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Texas before moving to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where he lives with wife, Dawn, and daughter, Laurie.