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Adams Publishing Group currently operates in 19 states across the US.

Adams Publishing Group  (APG) is, first and foremost, a family-owned community newspaper company.  It was launched in late 2013 by Mark Adams with support from his family.

Mark Adams, CEO of APG, is also the quarterback for the company’s acquisition activities, while also serving on its board of directors.

Since its first acquisition in March 2014, APG has grown quickly, consisting of 30 dailies, over 100 non-daily, and collectively over 220 media-related products and associated websites in 19 states.

Adams Publishing Group is driven to provide high quality products and services that make a positive difference in the lives of its constituents, which are, in prioritized order: its readers, its customers/advertisers, its communities, its Associates, and its shareholders/owners.

APG’s vision is to be a financially stable, high performing, merit-driven company that strives for excellence in everything it does, where good people want to be employed.  “Good” is defined as those who are capable of, and engaged in, making the enterprise stronger and better every single day.

Other Adams family enterprises include radio, wine, Camping World/Good Sam (recreational vehicles), and significant philanthropic endeavors. Mark’s grandfather was a long-time newspaper journalist and CBS radio and television broadcaster Cedric Adams.

Our Associates

To attract and retain those good people, APG creates a work environment that:

  • values, respects and rewards hard work and innovation
  • provides every associate the tools necessary to be successful in his or her job – including ongoing training, technology and more
  • constantly reinvests its earnings into the company
  • creates a safe, attractive workplace where working hard and having fun are simply part of every day.

APG is growing, not to get bigger, but to get better … which in turn provides its Associates with opportunities to grow in responsibility and earning ability.

The bottom line is that APG wants its Associates to feel well valued, respected and rewarded … and for each Associate to care about, enjoy and take pride in, the meaningful, important work she or he is doing.

– Mark Adams

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