Post Register Printing ยป Idaho Falls, ID

The Post Register printing facility located in Eastern Idaho specializes in high quality cold-set web printing at competitive prices. Our Goss Magnum press can produce up to 32 tabloid pages of full color in a single run using the latest printing technology. We also have premium inserting and packaging equipment that includes two lines of inserters.

The Goss Magnum press is the latest evolution within the Goss single-width, one-plate-around press series and is capable of producing broadsheet, tabloid and quarter page products. The press utilizes a vertical arrangement of printing units and is an ideal choice for newspaper publishers or insert and semi-commercial printers interested in producing a wide variety of products and formats.

The Post Register has a full multi-shift electronic prepress department featuring the KODAK-CREO Prinergy workflow. It helps both you and us through standardizing file formats and creating a simplified, automated, efficient workflow.

The shaftless Goss Magnapak packaging system combines automated zoning with high output, making it easier and faster to manage everything from large Sunday newspaper packages to high-speed daily runs.Idaho Falls Post Register Packaging

Idaho Falls Post register Press